Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Smoked Carrots and Lobster

We started with the idea of smoked carrot soup. We combined smoked water and carrots in the pressure cooker. We added 0.5% salt and cooked everything for ten minutes. When the carrots were cooked we pureed the mixture. The base tasted flat. We added a smoked citron marmalade. The sweetness, acidity and bitterness united the ingredients. We added 0.1% xanthan gum for body and to prevent the carrot from separating. The flavors and texture were delicious. Then we started playing around with its form. We froze the soup and scraped it into a granita. It was really exciting in its frozen form. We took the granita for a spin. We paired it with lobster knuckles dressed in olive oil and seasoned with dried calabrese peppers and smoked coriander. The dish came together. The one hiccup was the olive oil. It overpowered the lobster and dominated the dish. In further iterations we will try other oils like our preserved Meyer lemon oil.

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